Thursday, October 18, 2012

Extra Life: Playing board games for 24 hours across three days to help sick kids

The Great Big Table / Saint Peter's Game Night Extra Life weekend is this weekend. We're playing 24 hours of board games across three days to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

If you're up for some board gaming in service of Children's Miracle Hospitals and you'll be in the Southern Indiana region (Evansville, IN, to be exact) this weekend, then consider stopping by:

October 19th, 6pm - 9pm CST
October 20th, 7am - 9pm CST
October 21st, noon - 8pm CST

Saint Peter's (Highland) UCC
7014 Darmstadt Road
Evansville, IN 47710

Phone: 812-867-5271

If you can't make it, please consider supporting one of our Extra Life teams.

Extra Life Teams:
We are coordinating two Extra Life teams this year. The first is affiliated with our Great Big Table board gaming podcast, The second is affiliated with the monthly community game night that's hosted out of our church on the third Friday night of the month from 6pm - 9pm (and where our three days of gaming will be held this weekend).

Great Big Table Extra Life team:

Saint Peter's Game Night Extra Life team:

Many of our team members are raising money for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianpolis, Indiana. Many of the members of our church have a personal connection with Riley as they have had family or friends that have required its services.

Our own family owes a debt of gratitude to the staff and services of Riley when they saved our infant daughter's life with a cranial reconstruction surgery last Winter. Participating in Extra Life is our way of giving back to this amazing facility.

Good luck to everyone participating in Extra Life events this year and thank you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Big Table podcast - Episode 003 - Finding a Game Group

It's been a long time coming (sorry about that), but we've finally been able to edit the episode that we recorded over two months ago. In this episode we talk about our new voice mail system (401-ItIsBig), about our Extra Life team, about some of our thrift store finds and flops and we run down some of the games we've played.

The Great Big Table Extra Life team page can be found at . Please spread the word about what we're doing, join the team, support a team member or start a team of your own with your family, gaming group, co-workers, church, or friendly local gaming store. 

All that and we harness the Internet to brainstorm ways to find, or create, gamers with whom to play more games.

So, saddle up and check out the show.

Some additional links from the show:

The Ted Talk (about the enthusiastic follower) that we discussed: Derek Sivers' How to Start a Movement.

Chris Norwood (aka Gamer Chris):
Chris' Extra Life team: Exploring Games with Kids

Paul Owen's Man Overboard blog:

Jason Moslander's Games with Two blog:

Legends Family and Hobby Games (Vincennes, IN) facebook:

Some of the games we talk about this episode include:

Battle Line
Can't Stop
Double Discoveries (Trap the Cap / Game of Goose) - Out of Print, link goes to Board Game Geek page.
Got 'Em
Jungle Speed
Leader 1
Lost Cities
Monopoly Deal
The Resistance
Reverse Charades
Save the Whales -  Out of Print, link goes to Board Game Geek page.
Say Anything
S'getti Scatter
Therapy - Out of Print, link goes to Board Game Geek page.
Times Up: Title Recall
Wise and Otherwise
Witch Trial -  Out of Print, link goes to Board Game Geek page.
Wits & Wagers

Download the episode: GBT-EP003-Finding-a-Game-Group-Final.mp3

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