Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Upcoming Show Topic: Gaming on a Budget

The next episode of the Great Big Table podcast (http://greatbigtable.com) will be all about gaming on a budget. Once you've been infected by a deep seated love for board games, you've probably also quickly become aware of how expensive a hobby it can be.

Let's face it, while board gaming is gaining in popularity, with more gamers coming to the table every day, most games are still printed in boutique level batches. A popular game may only have ten thousand copies printed across it's lifetime. There's no economy of scale to help keep the prices down. Add to that the cost of shipping lately and you start to see why games can cost a pretty penny.

So, what's a new or renewed board gamer to do?

How do you get into hobby board gaming without breaking the bank?

What tips have worked for you to help you spend your gaming dollar wisely and get the most bang for your gaming buck?

We've said from the beginning that Great Big Table is a conversation about expanding the board game hobby. Luckily our listeners have stepped up to the table and helped to keep up their side of the conversation.

If you'd like to share some of your tips, post them below. If you post a comment in this thread, we may read it on the show.

Don't want to post a comment? Great, give us a call and leave a voicemail message that's less than three minute's long.

Our phone number is (401) IT IS BIG or (401) 484-7244.

You have more to say than will fit in a three minute voicemail, send us an MP3 audio file that's 5 MB or less in size to podcast@greatbigtable.com and we may use all or part of it in the show.

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Jim Jones
co-host, Great Big Table podcast

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Big Table podcast - Episode 005 - Therapy with The Party Game Cast

In this very special episode of Great Big Table, we're joined by one of our favorite gaming podcasts, The Party Gamecast Featuring the Party Game Cast, to spend way too much time discussing the game that started it all for Adrienne and I, Therapy:The Game.

The Party Gamecast was kind enough to send us an audio review of a copy of Therapy that they found lying around and we thought it would be fun to record a DVD commentary style track to intersperse throughout their review.

We had a blast doing it. We also want thank the Party Gamecast for taking the time to record this review. And... we hope you all like it. Look in the feed, soon, for episode 005a which will be the unbroken up version of the Party Gamecast's review of Therapy that they sent us.

Some of the games we mention in this episode include:
Loaded Questions
Say Anything
The Game of Scruples
The Game of Things
Therapy: The Game

Download the episode: GBT-EP005-Therapy-with-the-Party-Game-Cast-Final.mp3

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