Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Big Table podcast - Episode 000 - Introductions

It's Episode 0 of the Great Big Table podcast! It'll knock the cardboard out of you!

The Great Big Table podcast is finally off and running. Show hosts, Jim and Adrienne Jones introduce themselves and talk about what their planning to do with the podcast (pretty standard fair really).

Find out why Adrienne needed Therapy and how Jim found the most amazing sandwich shop (twice!). Learn about the Evansville game (Jim swears) of Clabber, why you should be playing Wise and Otherwise if you're single and looking to get hitched, and why hitting a front desk bell with tyrannosaurus arms makes it hard to be Spock.

Some of the games mentioned in this episode include:

Apples to Apples 
Call of Cthulhu Role Playing Game
Car Wars
Crack the Case
Curses (or, as we like to call it, "A Plague of Curses)
Dungeons and Dragons
Ghosts! by Milton Bradley
Kill Doctor Lucky 
Mille Bornes 
Qwirkle Cubes
Say Anything
Things: Humor in a Box (aka The Game of Things)
The Ungame
Wise and Otherwise 
Wits and Wagers

Download the episode:  GBT-EP000-Introductions-final.mp3

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***Great Big Table is a late-night conversation between two Midwestern geeks with dreams of world domination through board games. Join as we plot to put a meeple in every pot- or at least on every table. We slipped the bonds of our robot masters, so the only opinions represented here are our own.  None of the titles mentioned in this episode were provided by the manufacturers, but we will note such relationships where they exist.  You should be proud of yourself for reading all this small print- we are!


  1. I was only able to make it 35 minutes in thus far (the kids make it hard for me to get time to listen to anything) but wanted to comment and say you guys really have a great chemistry (of course!). I loved all the background from both of you.

    1. Thanks. That means a lot. I hope you get a chance to listen to the rest. Let us know what you think.

  2. So great to hear you two! I like the way you're broadening the concept of gaming and linking it with other parts of your lives and relationships. Miss you both and look forward to hearing future podcasts.

    1. Sofia-

      Good to hear from you! Glad you liked the podcast. I enjoyed the podcast that you used to record very much, so that means a lot.

  3. I have so many fond memories of playing Crack the Case with friends in high school. I finally found a copy for sale on Amazon and ordered it yesterday. I don't have a large group of people that I routinely game with so I don't know that I will actually get to play it anytime soon, but simply having my own copy of it will no doubt make my world a slightly brighter place.

    1. Crack the Case seems to stand up to the passage of time (and the illumination of memory) far better than, say, Therapy.

    2. Though the rampant use of clip art (Art Parts specifically) is completely hilarious.