Saturday, September 13, 2014

Great Big Table Talk: Mindtwister USA National Marketing Director Jesse Den Herder at Gen Con 2014

At Gen Con, we were very fortunate to spend some time with game publishers and designers.

In the second of those conversations, we spoke with Mindtwister USA's National Marketing Director, Jesse Den Herder. Mindtwister is probably best known for its beautifully crafted, five-in-a-row, abstract game, Pentago. We had a great time talking with Jesse about some of Mindtwister's games and really enjoyed hearing his ideas about the possible demographic roots to the recent surge in the popularity of board games.

The Mindtwister USA games that we discussed in this episode include:
Pentago LE
Pentago CE (with travel case)
Pentago (classic wooden design)
Pentago multi player

Download the episode: GBT-EPGEN14-2-MindTwister-USA.mp3

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